Chair Caning Pricing


Hand Woven Strand Cane:  $2.05 per drilled hole of the perimeter plus $30-40 materials. $2.25 per hole over 100 holes or for unusual patterns.

Pressed Pre-woven Cane:  $0.55 per square inch of weave plus $30-$40 materials

Fiber/pre-twisted Seagrass Rush:  $11.00 per inch of the front rail plus $30-$49 materials

Natural Hand Twisted Rush:  $15.00 per inch of front rail plus $40-$50 materials 

Framed rush seats: Extra $30 for removal and replacement of wooden frames bordering the rush weave.

Flat Reed/Porch Weave:  $9.00 per inch of front rail plus $30-$40 materials

Danish Cord:  $9.00 – $11.00 per inch of front rail (depending on the pattern) plus $40-$45 materials

Shaker Tape:  $9.00 per inch of front rail plus $50-$60 ma terials

Wicker Repair:  $50.00 per hour plus materials

Chair repairs: $50.00 per hour

Finishes and Stain Matching:  $50.00 per hour

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