The Pelvis

I have dear friends that are avid homesteaders and consequently have sheep that need to be shorn every year.  While they try thier best to make use of as much of the wool as possible, that much each year is more than they can process.  As a quintisential starving artist, free material is always welcome.  The bulk of my work has been crafted from concrete with styrofoam cores and I have to admit hitting my mid-forties, I have tired of hauling 90lb. bags, inhaling cement dust, burning lime holes into my skin and watching little escaping styrofoam pebbles pollute our lovely valley.  So when I found myself staring at three raw piles of sheeps wool, I was overwhelmed and elated.  I had never worked with this material prior to this past year and then only in small craftsy curiosities.  The idea of it being a medium for my art was intriguing.  This stuff is lightweight, environmentally friendly, and endlessly maluable.  It can be soft, rigid, raw, dyed, solid, hollow, wet or needle felted.  I have discovered a great new material for the next phase of my work (the I’m getting too old for this shit phase) and the most appreciated aspect of this wool is that in the deep winter when my studio is too cold, I can sit on my couch under a cozy blanket with my latest project in my lap!  To view more of the woolen creations, here’s the link to my etsy shop


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