New work and studio

I’ve added new and improved pictures on my sculpture page.  Also donated the Hands piece to my sons art auction.  Sold to the very artist I met with a year ago seeking advice about working with wool.  I very much admire her work and am pleased that she found my piece good enough to add to her incredible art collection.  Now if I can only stay out of my own way and continue, as I have, back to path of my desires as an artist.  That is my biggest challenge.  Earplugs in and blinders on,  I just keep plugging forward ignoring my other self that wants to remind me that I am wasting my time, that art is not a real job, that I have no business in this highfalutin field as a child of the back woods.  Nope, I continue hum to myself and plow forth.  The loft studio is almost together.  I go up there now and can barely contain the urge to clap my hands and jump up and down giggling.  No basement hovel with fleas, no horse stall without windows, but rather a great big beautiful loft in my barn with a huge old paned glass window about six feet square, high rafters and an old hay hook hanging from its track.  I am nearly in paradise!  A wood stove and lots of time is all I need.


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