Stock and savory pie

I am a cook at heart. I earned my way into the kitchen as a way to financially survive college. To be honest, i was shoved into the kitchen since i was not busty enough to serve. To this day i still thank that chauvinist bastard for introducing me to my second passion that follows art which is cooking.

For the past year, struggling through a mystery illness unable to muster the energy to open a can, i have admit when i rose from bed it was for the kitchen. The least i could do for my family was feed them good food and to be honest, there is no better way to lose myself than cooking.

One of my challenges in the kitchen these days is making do with very little. Stock has been my go to for adding depth to many meals; beans, rice, home fries, greens… Waste not what you can make into liquid gold. Save all those carrot ends, celery leaves, onion butts, potato peels, and even those mushy apples no one will eat. Toss them in a pot with fresh herbs, salt, pepper and water. Boil and simmer until deep enough for your taste buds and gold is forged. Remember the bounty of asparagus? The cut ends, i discovered are mmmmm mmmmm good in stock!
Can’t use it all? Freeze it. Sometimes i freeze it in ice cube trays to drop into greens or home fries.

Made do tonight for dinner. Not much in cupboards and garden still young. I managed to pull out a black bean shepherds pie. No great recipe to follow. Onions, celery, carrots, the great trilogy, sautéed with salt and herbs of choice. Added a can of last years garden tomatoes, and yes a can of beans, a little stock an simmered. Added a layer of corn frozen from local farm last summer and a layer of garlic mashed potatoes, also with a touch of stock for moisture. Baked at 350 until bubbly.



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