Got fruit…flies?


Berries, berries, berries. On the counter, in the fridge, in the freezer, on my waffles, in the muffins, in my smoothies, with whipped cream, over ice cream, in my seltzer and yet there are still more to be picked! It is heavenly and while I generally appreciate the purposes of the little creepy crawly creatures we co-habitate with, I do wish that Pandora had not let the fruit fly out of the box! I’m sure most people know of the simple fruit fly trap but for those who don’t this little trick makes berry season tiny bit more blissful.

Simply role one of the perfectly good pieces of paper that your child has scribbled a dozen minuscule garbled letters on ( a very important code for dragon wizard something or other) into a cone with a little hole at the end the size of a pencil tip. Tape it, staple it, whatever. Drop a couple berries( fruit flies prefer rotten bits) into a mason jar and put the cone on top. The flies go down into the cone and can’t get back up through the tine hole at the end. It’s a beautiful thing. Just be sure where the cone meets the jar top is securely sealed and for heavens sake don’t bump it over! My son has knocked it a few times and ick! A cloud of fat drunken fruit flies.



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