HayLoft taking a brief vaca


A week away from the HayLoft. Camping with my family for a week. Much needed as my poor son was moist of the eyes during one of my classes. A definite adjustment for him having me home thru the summer but unable to focus entirely on him. Work until recently was always away from home. I guess that is an easier concept of “going to work” to understand. Interestingly enough I haven’t seen hyde nor hair of him since we hit the campground. Have bicycle, be free! Besides, whenever I’m around I am a nag, nag, nag. And yet if I am home
I best not focus on the other kids or evil jealousy monster will creep up. What is a poor ole ma to do? Any who, I thought I’d post up some pics of the nature lab I am creating in the studio for student use and inspiration.










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