Papua New Guinea Figures


Studied Papua New Guinean history a wee bit today in the Hayloft Studio. Brutal yet fascinating. Head hunters and cannibals were some that inhabited this bit of land. A land whose terrain is so densely forested and mountainous that thousands of separate cultures existed without knowledge of one another. That’s crazy. Some until the 60’s or 70’s lived as they did back in the stone age, no outside influences. In many ways it saddens me that our world has grown so accessible and small. I worry we will become a homogenous planet and that culture will be extinct. It is the very fascination of peoples that are unlike ourselves that stimulates the imagination and feeds curiosity. Without difference we have no story to tell. No story, no art. In the Hayloft we studied through figurative representations the story of those very unlike ourselves. Embrace difference!




1 thought on “Papua New Guinea Figures

  1. These guys are brilliant and I agree with your comments on how we are becoming a more homogenised planet. Recently they launched an indigenous TV station in Australia (NITV) and it is great to see not just indigenous media content but recognisably ‘Australian’ content. You realize how washed over we are by external forms of cultural? media and the blandness of global advertising.

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