Snow day!


Whether it is global warming or the fates of nature, but I feel as though we haven’t had a decent snow day in a couple of years. To have a dump of snow that was not too wet nor too dry and a day off of school with my son was delightful. We have made many attempts to build an igloo in the past with no success. This year was different. The boy was finally big enough to be of great help in stacking those little bricks! The scrappy little mutt however, was determined to dig his own private entrance.

Once complete, (many hours later and much darker and colder) the boy was determined to read in the igloo before bed. Seemed like a cool idea, curling up with flashlights in the frozen tundra and reading, but there were two flaws in our plan. One being that very quickly our hot wet sweaty bodies cooled down. My butt froze in mere minutes. The second problem, in his excitement for the snow the boy never brushed his teeth. Trapped snuggled so tightly inside with dragon breath, I could not resist the gag reflexes. Yuck!

Even the chickens came out to play!


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