Vacation printing


A printing storm hit Hay Loft Studio. Four kids, plenty of ink (water based of course), paper, rollers, bottle caps, string, styrofoam, corks, cookie cutters, matchbox cars, t.p. rolls, leaves, pencils, even old tractor bits, two tired dogs and me. Curiosity urged one student to count all the prints. I believe there were 46 in all! Whew! Thanks to the students for their enthusiasm and great inspirations. I neglected to take photos but here’s what I scrounged up with the help of parents:
String on block prints:

Three part printing:



Some of the printing plates:



Birch trees? Printed using wine corks:


Strikingly stark:

Two tired dogs by the stove:


Spring and summer vacation classes are posted for 2013.  Click here for more information.


2 thoughts on “Vacation printing

  1. I feel like this is something I need to get my daughter into. Is there an appropriate age to start this? She is nearly five. Thanks in advance!

    Black and White Copies

    1. Sorry for such lag time. Absolutely! Five is a great time for mono prints in particular. Tape down some plastic to a table. Drop a little paint on it (acrylics are fine) spread it thin and let her “draw” in it with brushes, fingers, combs, cardboard, etc. When done lay a sheet of paper over it and rub the back gently. Lift and voila! Have fun!

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