Make your own clocks.


We made our own clocks today in the Hayloft! My apologies for the bad photos. Blasting hot but we persevered and ate Popsicles. We also snuck in some needle felting and berry picking between coats of paint. Another day where I have to pinch myself. I’m quite sure I’m dreaming that I finally have the studio of my dreams and the great fortune of sharing it with such inspiring students. As an artist, nothing is better than surrounding yourself with the raw,unfiltered, unencumbered awe that children behold of our world. We adults, our vision blurs as we get on in years. We see the big picture( coffee, car, work, home, dinner, bed). Children still have eyes like hawks. They see all the amazing details and goings on that surround us( an ant carrying a giant piece of bread, the many colored grains that are the sand at the beach, the cool path a trickle of water makes). These children are repairing my vision. I cannot thank them enough.



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