Crayon Batik

Crayon batik in the Hayloft this week. A lovely group of girls joined me the last two days to try their hands at some batiking. We sketched our ideas and highlighted them with dark marker. This allowed us to see what we needed to paint through the fabric we were using to batik. Next, we sandwiched cardboard under our drawings and cotton fabric over, stretching the fabric like a canvas and securing with masking tape.

The fun part! Painting with melted crayons. This step we named the crayon facial.
I used and electric skillet for a hot H2O bath and small mason jars to melt the crayons in. The inclination is to use crappy brushes but we all found them too frustrating. Donate a decent (not great or even good, just decent) set of brushes to the cause. Paint!

It certainly isn’t like painting with paint. The wax cools quickly on the brush so there’s a lot more dipping. When done remove the cloth from cardboard set up and scrunch it up a few times. Over a trash can is a good idea! The next step is to dye the fabric. We used Rit liquid dye. Mix with hot water but don’t dip the crayon painting in yet. Avoid the drooly melted mess and let the dye cool! Submerge the painted fabric in the dye for at least 20 minutes. Pull out and squeeze. Latex gloves are handy. Lay the pieces flat on layers of newspaper and cover with another couple layers of newspaper.



Next comes the ironing. Iron on hot nice and slow over the paper with a little pressure. Keep replacing paper on top and bottom as they soak up the wax. Iron until fabric feels soft and wax free. Voila!

Some finished pieces:
Photos could be better:(





Joe (with a sponge in his mouth) thinks I need to clean the studio now.



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