Winter Activities

What a bitterly cold winter for Hayloft Studio. The wood stove keeps it moderately tolerable when temps are in the mid twenties or higher. With so many days twenty or below, the studio has been a desolate tundra. That being said we’ve squeezed in a few days of artfulness. I’ve had one dutiful and persistent art student bearing the chill with me each week. He is one hell of a cartoonist who is burdened by the same passion/obsession for all things art that I remember of myself at his age. I say burdened because this kind of drive makes the life tasks that are not art related a total drag. I see the lenses on his eyes. He is already viewing all that he sees with the eyes of an artist. Anxious for more, we have been traveling down many paths. We have touched upon many drawing techniques, created 3D versions of his characters for drawing reference, and now he is exploring oil paints for the first time. I think we’ll explore gouache next.
Here’s some our work:






Also caught up a few chair caning jobs. Thanks mom for showing me how to rush cane!




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