Spring vacation has come and gone:( At Hayloft Studio, we had a buzzing day of robot building, starting with a bit of reverse engineering. Sounds like I had a studio full of MIT protégés, huh? Possibly, but we learned that reverse engineering is a fancy way of saying destroy stuff to find out what’s inside. We took apart an old CD player/radio. We found capacitors, resistors, tuners, switches, speakers, etc. The best score, though, was two motors we could use to make our robots go! After a crash course in safety around hot stuff like glue guns and soldering irons, we got to work rummaging through the many bins of bits and pieces at Hayloft to create our robot bodies. Next came the mind bending task of wiring motors and switches and batteries to make our bots move. After a bit of troubleshooting and finagling, we had five vibrating, spinning, crawling robots! The final touches: a bit of paint, a few embellishments and voila! Sadly, I neglected to take pictures, but I was able to borrow a frame from one families video post of their bot. Thanks! Looking forward to a summer of fun at Hayloft Studio.

Joe is happy the sun has returned.



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