Fairy dust, carcasses and clay!

Carcasses? Yes, machine carcasses, that is. One of my private students and I have embarked on a journey of destruction. We are like vultures picking apart dead machines and we will use the parts to build a new creature.

The remains of a ginormous printer!

Another of my private students has strayed from his mastery of oil paints to tackle some linocut printing. It’s not an easy medium for predictability. Each print, we learned, is a bit of a surprise. I hope to encourage perseverance as I think printing will be a nice addition to his repertoire of fantastic skills as an artist.

IMG_4053.JPGprint 4 of 8

The week rounds out with a blast of fairy dust as our homeschool group creates inviting habitats for woodland creatures to enjoy. As we finished our houses we tried our hands at some clay slab and coil work. I’m missing some photos of a couple of super fantastic fairy lands that went home already! 😦







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