Rocking Horse

This sweet little rocking horse came through the studio a few weeks ago with a broken saddle. It’s dated somewhere around the 1950’s with a rattan frame and caned seat.

Here’s the finished repair:


2 thoughts on “Rocking Horse

  1. Hi there! I want to re-cane a rattan rocking horse JUST like the one you show here! The only experience I have in seat weaving is my dining chairs, which I did with fiber rush. I can’t really figure out how to start reweaving the rocking horse seat, and wondered if you could point me to (or sell me!) some instructions? Many thanks.

  2. Hello, thanks for asking. I have no instructions, but if the rocking horse is still intact, take lots of photos and pay close attention as you disassemble. Soak the reed for several hours and use a couple of small tack nails on the underside to start. Or hold the end along frame with a clamp and wrapnit with the first few rows of weave until it’s secure. Hope this helps.

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