Where have I been?


My sons advent calendar. 24 felted balls stuffed with little goodies.

Where have I been? While I have been ignoring my own post, I assure you I am diligently reading others. (getting a foot bath from my dog)

Yes he is ugly! But his personality makes him cute.
It seems as though the moment my art classes in the hayloft were over I stopped writing. Rest assured, thing are still happening. Pipes are in for a wood stove (classes all year!:)) but I am stuck on the hearth. Since it is an old stove the building inspector is being a stickler. Rightfully so, but still.
I fall into wreath and crafts mode at this time of year. Extra$$.

Felted earrings

Felted surprise balls for stocking. Visit my shop at etsy

Hayloft is hoping to have classes over vacation week with our new wood stove to keep us cozy. Stay tuned!

Ugly dog just farted and sniffed his butt in confusion and delight.


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