Wafting warmth


Wish you could smell this. Fresh sesame sourdough from our family pet seth the starter. My son and I grew Seth about a year and a half ago. We feed him weekly by removing one cup of the starter and baking bread, muffins (so moist), pretzels and even the occasional dog treat.

This is Seth. He lives in our fridge.
Seth has sired two new starters for friends, Beth and Macbeth.

The recipe for sourdough bread:
Don’t panic and no hurry. The dough will happily wait for you.
1c starter
1.5c water
3c flour

You have just created a sponge. Let it sit and grow. About 6 hours. If in six hours the dog decides to barf on the rug, the sponge will wait. Too tired? Throw it in the fridge.
When your ready, add:
2 Tbsp kosher salt
Up to 3 cups of bread flour
I say up to 3 cups because some days you need more and some days less. I add at least the first cup and a half and dump the whole sloppy mess on a floured counter. Start to knead (with floured hands). Add flour as needed. When the dough is silky and resistant, meaning I can slap it (It’s not often I get to slap something and I have to admit sometimes I get carried away. ) and it bounces back then smack the dough into an oiled bowl and let it rise. It can rise for a few hours or, again, if it’s inconvenient stick in the fridge and slow it down until your ready. Let it come back to room temp. for the next step. Dump out the dough onto a floured counter and resist the urge to slap and knead again. Gently divide it and shape into two loaves or bake as one biggie, four minis. Whatever you desire. It is your bread to do what you please. Be sure to tuck the seams under. Leave plain or baste with egg yolk and sprinkle with your favorite topping. Then cover the dough with a tea towel. Turn oven to 475 and add a pan of water to it. Let the dough rise an hour or so. This is when you need to be available. When ready, slice the top (deeper than you think) and transfer (with floured hands) to pizza stone or baking sheet and bake for about a half an hour. Maybe more. I never set the timer. I am always so amazed by the explosion of rising bread in my oven that I am peeking in the window constantly. When the top browns nicely give it a tap. Sound hollow? It’s done. Now you can smell what I am smelling at home. Yeasty goodness. Cool on wire rack but resist the urge to slice too soon. You will squish all those lovely air pockets you work so hard to create. A little butter, maybe some honey and mmmmmm. Could it be better than….?

Jersey and Jo love sourdough treats.


2 thoughts on “Wafting warmth

  1. hey thats not nice do we get a starter?

    1. Can you think of another name that rhymes with Seth?

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