Art Show

Anatomy Portrayed
is an exhibition created by two women artists who, when asked to exhibit together, discovered in their respective works common themes: Darcy Tozier portrays anatomical qualities of the human form through painting and felting, whereas Leonore Alaniz captures structural aspects of plants by imprinting them onto paper and cloth. The viewer is reminded here of integral, but often invisible parts of physiology, such as the spine, ribs and bones, that give many forms of life their stature and poise.
Leonore Alaniz is a teaching textile artisan and print maker at Leverett Crafts and Art. She exhibits widely and is the recipient of international design awards.
Darcy Tozier teaches studio lessons and creates in her Hayloft Studio in Whately MA. She is a graduate of Rhode Island School Of Design.

The show will be held at Burnett Gallery in the Jones Library, 43 Amity St. Amherst MA. Open during library hours: Sun & Mon (1-5:30), Tue & Thu (9-9:30), Wed, Fri, & Sat (9-5:30).
The reception is Thursday April 2nd, 5-8 PM in conjunction with the Amherst First Thursday Art Walk.

Bloodroot by Leonore Alaniz:
Pelvis by Darcy Tozier


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