America, Globes and Bones. 

 This spring has been a reawakening at Hayloft Studio. Students are returning that took a hiatus to recover from illnesses and others are straying from the norm to stretch their creative comfort zones. My ever faithful student H. has been diligently trying to master oil paints. With much success, I might add. After a winter of dedication though, he is ready to test out some new art forms. We are going to dig into printmaking and started with some styrofoam printing to get our feet wet.

Title: It’s About America by H. 

Title: Self Portrait by H. 


Title: Foot by me. 

Next we will try some linoleum printing. 

My duo class of T. and H. have been needle felting. Sorry, I have no pictures. But this week we moved on to some whittling. After de barking and smoothing these staffs will be garnished with leather and beads and such along with a bit of wood burning and painting.  

And fabulous Miss T has returned after being terribly sick. Yay!  We are working on a paper mâché globe to coincide with her study of maps at home. Here’s the beginnings: 

 I look forward to Z. returning to finish our sculptural exploration of numbers. Next up transforming ten. Still wrestling with how to do that one.  Here’s the neon nine we left off with in February:

I continue my study of human anatomy:

The eye: 


Circulatory skull: 


The beginnings of a needle felted jaw bone: 



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