Chairs, caskets and the eye. 

This is the second child’s chair I’ve done this year with this pattern. Seems to be the go to for small rush seats. It looks as if it would weave faster than the traditional rush pattern, but it’s not that far off, at least not for me anyway. 

Also repaired my first plastic cane seat. Weird stuff. I know the color looks off but this is close to the original color that can be found under the old weave. So, I thought best to go with that and let it fade to match the old stuff. 

Being a cemetery commissioner, and getting lots of questions lately about green burials, I became interested in casket options other than the old pine box. I am working on a prototype for woven caskets. This is my progress so far on a youth sized casket. After this is complete, I am hoping to try one with the natural materials found around me in New England. 

And lastly, the art lessons still happen here and much of the focus seems to be on figure drawing and anatomy. So here’s my student’s drawing of the ribs:

And my drawing of the eye:


2 thoughts on “Chairs, caskets and the eye. 

  1. Kirstin Edelglass March 30, 2019 — 9:29 pm

    Hi Darcy,
    I’m looking for someone to lead a one-day chair caning workshop on my spacious screen porch this summer. Would you be interested? Our collection of 4 dining chairs that need new seats (fiber rush) are the motivation, but I think other friends and neighbors would come too. And we’d pay you for your time, of course. If you’re not able to do this, do you know of another chair caner who might be interested?

    Thanks. I’m at and 802-579-4496 in Marlboro, VT


    1. That sounds like fun! Email me at when you have more details. I check that more regularly. Rush seats can be done in a long day, but I think that might be hard on everyone’s hands. Two days might be best. we can discuss details via email. -Darcy

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